With historical context, a business analyst can spot trends helpful when allocating resources to areas requiring additional help or areas experiencing growth. Our easy-to-use technology and responsive team of real estate professionals delivers the most transparent, flexible experience in the market. Base years are used in economic and financial indexes as well as to measure the growth of a company. When researching stocks, investors can conduct a base-year analysis to track a company’s growth, or lack of, as part of research to determine whether or not they should invest in it.

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  • For example, changes in accounting methods, the tax code, political party control, demographics, and social and cultural shifts.
  • The new and up-to-date base years are regularly added to keep data current to a database.
  • It’s used to calculate growth rates, inflation, and other economic indicators by comparing the data of the base year with that of subsequent years.

It’s crucial to note that base year valuation doesn’t necessarily reflect the current market value of a property. As market conditions and property characteristics evolve, reassessments may be conducted to adjust the assessed value accordingly. Base year valuation refers to the assessed value of a property as of a specific point in time, known as the base year. It serves as the benchmark against which future assessments are measured. The base year is typically set when a property is purchased or when a significant change in ownership occurs. If the Expense Stop amount in a lease is $10 per SF at the start of the lease, the Tenant will then pay any increase in the taxes, insurance and operating expenses that exceeds $10 per SF in year 2 and beyond in the lease.

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We’ll help you to negotiate the most favourable terms and conditions and better understand commercial lease structures, such as base year expense calculations, to minimise your risks and costs. Tenants also need to pay attention to rising variable expenses, which typically go up when more tenants move into the building. Examples of variable expenses include utilities, trash removal, management fees, and janitor services. Let’s say that Company A opens 100 more stores in the following year and these stores generate $50,000, but same-store sales decline in value by 10%, from $100,000 to $90,000. The company can report a 40% growth in sales from $100,000 to $140,000, but savvy analysts are more interested in the 10% decline in same-store sales.

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  • The percentage of the building a tenant occupies usually determines their pro-rata share of expenses.
  • One of these methods is base year valuation, which serves as the foundation for assessing the property’s worth over time.
  • By eliminating inflation, the trend of economic growth is more accurate, as price level changes are accounted for.
  • Constant dollars account for the effects of inflation over time by establishing a base year.

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Importance of Base Year Valuation in Property Assessment

This terminology is important to understand as you evaluate real estate opportunities for your practice. Understanding each term will further equip you to make the most informed decision benefiting your practice. This way, a tenant’s exposure to increased variable expenses is limited. But don’t fret—just because more people are moving in doesn’t necessarily mean the tenant will have to foot the bill for these variable expenses.

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Base Year, Expense Stop and Annual Escalations

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The definition of base year might seem simple, but the base year rate is calculated in different ways depending on what kind of lease you are signing. In a full-service or modified gross lease, tenants pay only base rent for the first year of the occupancy period, while the landlord pays for all the building’s operating expenses. In a full-service gross lease, the landlord pays for tax, insurance, utilities, in-suite janitorial, and Common Area Maintenance (CAM).

However, the base year valuation serves as a critical component in determining the initial assessed value and establishing a reference point for subsequent assessments. If in 2016 the property taxes, insurance and operating expenses did not change or even went down, the tenant would not owe any additional payment. However, if in 2017, the property taxes, insurance or operating expenses increased to $10.25 per SF, the tenant would then be responsible for a one-time payment of $0.25 per SF ($10.25 minus the $10 per SF Base Year amount). An Escalation Clause is often referred to as an Annual Increase Clause, an Annual Rent Increase or an Annual Rent Bump. An Annual Increase is a clause in a lease which provides for the base rent amount or operating expenses to be increased and/or to reflect changes in expenses paid by the landlord such as real estate taxes, insurance and operating expenses.